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High Performance Epoxy Systems

Flooring solutions designed to fit any of your needs. 

Features & Benefits

  • Low odor and fast return to service

  • Extreme thermal resistance (steam cleanable)

  • Non-slip options available

  • UV stable & chemical resistant topcoats

  • Moisture vapor transmission resistance up to 20lbs.

  • Seamless finish – No grout lines

Recommended for use in

  • Automotive Shops

  • Warehouses

  • Commercial Kitchens

  • Processing Plants

  • Industrial Buildings

Shop Floor System

Features & Benefits

  • ​Durable finish for high-traffic areas

  • Solid color, scratch-resistant satin finish

  • Easy to clean

  •  Light non-slip system

  • UV resistant

  • Excellent abrasion resistance

  • Designed for high-traffic environments

  • Anti-slip surface

Recommended for use in

  • Retail Stores

  • Office Spaces

  • Pet Care Facilities

  • Fire Stations

High-Wear Urethane

Features & Benefits

  • UV stable

  • Low odor and VOC

  • Clear finish

  • Available in high gloss and satin finishes

  • Designed for abusive warehouse environments

  • Slip-Resistant and non-skid textures available

  • UV stable and chemical resistant topcoats 

Recommended for use in

  • Spaces that need added protection over existing surfaces

Epoxy Siloxane

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